Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fortune Hunter progress update

As the school semester comes to a close here @ RIT, we find ourselves out of dedicated team members through classwork. I'll still be remaining active on the project as I always have, and anyone wishing to help or ask questions can reach me @ Some of the critical obstacles we need to overcome are still within the programming realm, but there is plenty of work for all. To my knowledge, there are no definite future plans to continue Fortune Hunter through the winter season, though we may end up with a few CS students from Florida (crossing fingers) and a few minor updates here or there from myself. There may potentially be a class next quarter that will have the ability to work on it, but again that's speculative. I have, however, added more information to our wiki ( and updated our trac list ( tremendously. Tasks are now listed for many future releases from now. This will add a lot of structure in the work-flow, which is great. There's still a whole lot more stuff to add to it, so I'll be doing that in coming weeks. The trac list will be open for public edits very shortly, with the release of Fortune Hunter 3.0, which will occur within the next day or two (will notify again after release). That's all for now - I'll post again when the release is out. This release will rid the project space of old-code (from the prototype) and begin the actual game progress track henceforth!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fortune Hunter Update

So here is an update on progress of FH as of a few days ago. The porting of the lose-condition into the game is completed. Instead of leaving the battle when your HP reaches zero, you now successfully restart the level (with the same inventory for now). The merchant system is currently under reconstruction from the ground up. It has been redesigned and is slowly progressing on the code side. A basic class has been added to the repo in MAFH2, but it is not functional or complete yet. We are still seeking a coder or two to help us fly through the scripting part. The coding has proven to take a lot longer than expected so far. Most likely we will fall short of our Release 4.0, but not my much. We are still planning on the important aspects/elements to be there. The further changes are going to probably then trickle in, with the next major release occurring after the localization process. So again, if anybody is interested in checking out the game, please shoot an email to